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This is a Chinese feature silver long ring, the vintage motif depict a well-known general of ancient China (during three kingdoms period Shu Han general “Guan Yu”) one of the most respectful general of all time, even now in China people still pay huge respect to him, Guan Yu is the symbol of Righteous, guardian, and protection. In modern date, he appears in may place and occasion, in the police office, officers believe general "Guan Hu" will protect them from harms, and moreover, he is the symbol of righteousness. Also during special operations or when people going to do something big, like a film company tick off filming a new movie, they will pray for the protection and hope everything run smoothly. Guan Yu is a real historical general, now become a very respectful symbol.

This is bit of history and background about this silver ring. I wrote it all by my personal understanding, if you found any mistake, please let me know.


The ring is considered as long ring, mens will like it, and women are also welcome, overlap design make this ring can easily adjust to fit any finger, you can have the ring on your index finger today and tomorrow on the middle finger. Follow the traditional Chinese workmanship, this is modern fashion ring that looks just like it has a 100 years old. the longer you wear the more outline and details emerge.

ps. General here on this ring is holding a book, and his weapon behind him


Chinese Vintage Silver Ring for men, general "Guan Yu" Chinese ring

庫存單位: Ring261217g
  • 990 Fine Silver

    Authentic Stamp mark
    Cloisonné, blue color
    for man and woman
    Soft & light weight

  • Length: 3.5cm
    Band 0.6cm
    Weight: 10.5g / 0.37oz
    Size for US 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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