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Our Story About the Jewelry Store

We started with a group of people who enjoys traveling especially exploring rural villages in developing countries, we were all fascinated by those artistic jewelry made by country artisans, they are not made with high-value materials like gold or diamond, but simply materials that exist in their living environment like shells, sterling silver, leathers. we believe a true value is not just about what it is made of, instead, it is about what it is made for.


We appreciate every piece of their hard work and aim to bring more humanity to the modern world. We're hoping others might also inspire by looking at these imperfection collections.


"Heritage84 online shop began at Rajasthan north-west India When I first realize how beautiful that handmade jewelry is, and I wonder why couldn't I seeing these in the city, the thing we have in our cities are dominated by "modern jewelry" "emperor business". Things you will see are always with white background and showing the perfection of the piece. 

I like to tell people that we have more options than just those perfect jewelry, diamond gold rings, graceful necklace those are nice but we could have a bit more humanity and uniqueness. That inspired me to bring lovely handmade jewelry to the internet. And aim that, one day the mainstream of jewelry business can be more diverse."

(John Peterson)

How Heritage84 online Jewelry store works

We collect products from the onward travelers, some individual artists, as well as import products mainly from south-east Asia, we also carry a bit of Japanese and Korean products on our website, as long as the product fits into our concept. we don't mind where it comes from. (**if you want to sell your Jewelry here, please contact us at info@heritage84.com)



Our Mission 
Bring happiness to people, we would rather make No money, but make you happy.